Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Montreal In Need of a Website?

Most of you might not know our Montreal website Montrealis.com(www.montrealis.com). For those who don't know what Montrealis.com, it's basically a business directory/portal website for the island of Montreal. The project was launched in late 2007 and it was also redesigned in 2008. Until today the site hasn't been updated or maintained but it has been always in our minds for a redesign. Local businesses until today are still submitting their free business listings and we get about an average of 100 visitors per day.

Montrealis.com needs to be redesigned not only graphically but with new features. There aren't too many favorable websites for Montreal. You might come across a few websites to get information you need but then easily forget about it. Of course Montreal news is always important information to have which the internet is flooded with sites.

At JGSolutions we want to create a Montreal website in a different direction other than just news updates or a business directory. We have a few ideas in our minds but not sure which ones are acceptable to develop or what you Montrealers need. One of the features we want to create is an aggregated type feed where users can follow certain businesses they are interested in while local businesses post up events, news or specials. I am sure people will think that this will be another typical twitter but there are a lot more details we are not mentioning.

Some people may disagree that Montreal does not need a website which is acceptable. Negative opinions are fine to be heard.

So please take the time and let us know by emailing us at info@jgsolutions.com or comment below. Tell us what you think might be some cool features to have for a Montreal website.

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