Friday, June 11, 2010

Forte Import Canada Launch

We are proud to announce the launch for our client's new website Forte Import Canada ( They are the leading manufacturer and supplier of a whole range of different, decorative and high-quality PVC products(made in italy), offering solutions to any residential or commercial improvement and specific customer needs. The three main products they provide are PVC wall panels, folding doors & shower doors. Eventually the website will contain a section of photos of their show room which right now they are in the process of setting up.

The website development began in Dec 2009 and was completed in May 2010. Developing the website was not complex but we needed to organize the data with the help of our client to display their products. The experience of building this project was interesting as we ourselves discovered quality products that this business supplies.

On the technical side we first used Adobe Photoshop to come up with some layout design samples that gave our client a choice and an idea. Once the designs were approved we began creating the HTML & CSS and imported them all in cakePHP framework that managed the server side. Next step was creating mySQL database to hold all the products information. As we entered the data we worked on the display of their products which was the most important concept of the site. We used Yahoo YUI library to have the tab component integrated which helped us separate the different types of sub products which made it easy for the user to navigate through the products (ex: We also used the carousel component to display a photo gallery of their products which each image loads dynamically (ex:'oeil click on images tab).

The last step was SEO (Search Engine Optimization). An important aspect for for web marketing to help Google, Bing, or Yahoo rank the website and increase traffic. There were different techniques we implemented for example adding keywords in the urls and the page titles that search engine's crawler can pick up. We also implement these keywords within the meta tags (keywords & description). For the website to increase in search ranking which will take time but of course we will keep monitoring and making key changes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and look out for future projects coming from JGSolutions.

P.S Good luck to Forte Import Canada.

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