Monday, August 23, 2010

Diesel Stations - myGasFeed

We been working on improving and updated myGasFeed( by fixing bugs and adding one important feature which are diesel prices. This feature will be helpful to many current consumers who have diesel vehicles or users planning to purchase one in the future. Especially with the lack of diesel pumps and diesel vehicles catching consumer's attention we are sure this will be a helpful feature.

Updating a price is simple by selecting regular or diesel and automatically it will update the price. If a new station needs to be added you can check the option that 'contains diesel pump'. Users can only view stations that contain diesel pumps with one click of a button.

Our next step is the iPhone app for users to update gas prices on the fly. Other mobile apps like Android and Blackberry is in the to do list.

So again we hope you find myGasFeed useful and please submit as many gas stations that you know or any prices you come across. Even if it's just one station which good enough to help others finding gas prices and stations near by. Feedback or suggestions would be appreciated to improve the application.

Thursday, August 5, 2010 - 1st Phase

Some of you may not know but we just launched web application called myGasFeed( where consumers can post current gas prices in their local neighborhood.

As we all know gas prices has increased over the years and every penny less can help our wallets in the long run. Of course driving all day around in your local neighborhood trying to find the cheapest gas price is not the best way. Instead we just drive up the first station we see and fill up. is a great tool that can help us find which gas station nearest to you currently has the cheapest gas price.

The application has two easy ways to search for gas stations. First way by clicking anywhere on the map. Exactly at that location all gas stations will appear at 3km radius. The second method is by selecting by cities and districts and the results will appear on the map. Either way you choose, once the results appear just click on the red pin icon and the information will appear. Check for example below.

Adding a gas station is easier than you think. We are amazed what Google Map API functionalities are available for us web developers to develop these tools. Again a map will appear according to the city and district that you selected. By clicking on the location on the map an actual street view will appear making sure this is the right location. If yes then just click on add. Check out a screen shot below.

Right now the web application is in the beta stage. Of course more features will be developed in the near future. Here are a few features in mind:

1. Able to follow certain stations & receive email updates.
2. Accumulate points receiving free gas money.
3. Posting prices automatically to your facebook or twitter status.
4. An iPhone & Android app.
5. Gas Prices for diesel.

We hope myGasFeed will be useful to many users and our goal is to built a strong community. Hoping this will force gas stations to lower gas prices. So let's begin adding and updating your local gas stations and helping each other save gas money!

Any feedback and suggestions please email us at: